Amazing Graze Alpaca Emporium

The shop at the farm is available by appointment only. If there's something you'd like please don't hesitate to contact us to inquire. We always have socks and insoles and yarn and lots of handcrafted goodies - I'm happy to talk, answer questions and can accept orders by email or phone.  

The alpaca fibre content in all of our products is 100% Canadian, grown in Ontario, with most of it coming from our own herd members. Our fibre crop is all processed in Canada by small independent mills.

Our products are uniquely Canadian and are not mass produced offshore. If you're buying yarn or rovings please ensure that you purchase enough to complete your project as we are unable to repeat the colour combinations from one year to the next.

Our fibre is prepared in small batches without harsh chemical cleansing agents. Because industrial cleansers aren't utilized to burn out all vegetable matter we strive to pick out as much detritus as possible before sending our clip to the mill where they in turn do their utmost to provide us with a clean product. It is possible that you may find the occasional bit of chaff in your yarn – we don't charge extra for it though!

We have several local artisans contributing to our offerings and frequently have hand knit, hand woven and needle felted Canadian alpaca items available for purchase.

Prices shown do not include taxes or shipping and are subject to change without notice. Applicable taxes and shipping costs will be added to your invoice.

PAYMENT METHODS: We accept cash, credit  or email transfer.  We are not set up to accept debit.


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