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AGA Josefina

Olds College Fibre Stats:

2008  AFD 22.9  SD 5.7  CV 25.0  CF 91.2
2009  AFD 25.2  SD 5.5  CV 22.0  CF 85.0
2010  AFD 24.2  SD 5.1  CV 20.7  CF 86.2
2012  AFD 25.4  SD 6.1  CV 23.9  CF 83.6
2013  AFD 25.5  SD 5.4  CV 21.2  CF 84.3

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Alpaca Name: AGA Josefina
CLAA number: 35347  Click to view certificate
Birthdate: August 18, 2007
Sire: MMR Alpha Antonio
Dam: LF811 - Jessie
Colour: White

Josefina is a lovely Antonio daughter out of our old faithful LF811. She has correct conformation,a nice head and a perfect bite. Her fibre is dense and pure bright white and she is maintaining a very nice Grade 3 fleece.

She is a wonderful mom who has given us 3 award winning crias so far. Although she is pure white herself all of her crias have been multi's. Like all Antonio daughters Josefina is an easy read, a quick catch when bred and a reliable mom with lots of milk.

Josefina is currently open and available for purchase. We will include a breeding to Montoyo at no additional charge - this pairing has given us very correct crias with excellent density and fineness . Be prepared to have an awesome party animal!

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