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AGA Gracias - SOLD

Fibre Statistics:

2011  AFD 21.0 SD 6.1 CV 29.0 CF 93.2
2012  AFD 23.1 SD 5.5 CV 23.7 CF 91.0
2013  AFD 23,6 SD 5.7 CV 23.6 CF 89.3

Note: All fibre stats prior to 2014 were through Olds College. 
          Post 2013 fibre stats were done through Alpaca Consulting 

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Alpaca Name: AGA Gracias - SOLD
CLAA number: 40821  Click to view certificate
Birthdate: June 6 2010
Sire: AGA Montoyo
Dam: Graziela
Colour: Medium Brown

Gracias is one of our Monty daughters. She had her first cria in 2013 and has proven to be a wonderful mom with lots of milk.Gracias is a lovely girl with very nice conformation and presence. She has a perfect bite. Her fleece is a rich, dark chocolate brown and is very soft and fine with good staple length and soft crimp.

Gracias' sire Montoyo is maintaining his fineness with a 22micron fleece (NFC) at 9! years of age and a production shearing weight in excess of 8lbs. He's very handsome, has tons of presence and very little guard hair. Her dam is dark brown with similar colouring to Gracias. She has a very soft handling fleece, is an easy breeding girl and an excellent, attentive mother - Gracias is taking after her in the mothering department.

Gracias has loads of colour in her background. With a grey grandsire on her dam's side and a sire who can throw black she would be a great asset in any dark breeding program.

Gracias caught on her first breeding to Invictus, a true black SSA Sunset Brock son and her first cria is a bay black girl!! See our listing for BeeBeeGee. 

Status: SOLD 

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